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Creative diary

Indie Designer Gift-A-Long 2023

It’s the sparkliest time of the year: the Indie Design Gift-A-Long on Ravelry started yesterday evening and I’m one of 262 participating indie designers this year! 🎉

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Little details

For this first cardigan pattern, I chose a very simple base. As with all my favorite sweaters and cardigans, here it’s all about the little details: the folded collar for a snug fit, the tubular bind-off to keep the ribbing edge clean and elastic … and the little extra pocket(s) that can be embroidered.

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Ball Winder Apology

When I’m asked which is more useful, I usually reply: the ball winder. I know it’s often advisable to buy a swift before you have a ball winder. But for me, the opposite is more practical.

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Surprise knitting

I promise, knitting is not a criterion when I choose books for my little chick! However, we did get some nice surprises when we opened some of the books, with a bit of knitting hidden here and there. Always gentle and full of kindness, no cliché of the bitter old grandmother knitting a scarf full of holes, thankfully!

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I don’t have many baking tin in my cupboards because I like all-in-one ones. A bit like the interchangeable circular needles that can be used for knitting in the round, flat knitting, putting on hold, provisionnal cast-on, can be disassembled and reassembled as needed, and some have little holes for threading a life-line through. Handy all-in-ones, aren’t they?

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It doesn’t sound like it because I’ve been talking about it for a long time now, but I’ve been upset with brioche for a long time. I had resigned myself to the fact that brioche was just something I ate. But everything changed the day I realized these two things.

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Two years after my first Pommes de Pin shawl, I wanted to knit a new version and chose the cowl version to highlight the light and delicate speckles. As much as I love the wide, cozy version included in the pattern, that’s not what I wanted for this yarn. I wanted something lighter. So I had to face the facts and frog to start again.. Narrower.

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What’s next?

I have a lot of knitting desires now that the mojo is back. Especially as I find that knitting a few stitches here and there is much easier when doing knitolire rather than knitflix.
My list of desires (and commitments) is long … and it’s only getting longer as the days go by.

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The same, but not the same. My socks will be cousins, or sisters, or best buddies. After finishing the first, I didn’t feel like knitting the second in exactly the same way. This is what we do most of the time on “classic” pairs. But this trio of colors won my heart the moment I put the three little ones down together.

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Pattern of the month: Premier Flocon

The one who started it all.

Premier Flocon is the very first pattern I wrote and published. I think this gives him a special place in my heart. So, in this month of Socktober, I had to highlight it, especially as I’ll be reworking it a little this month to bring you an updated version. Premier Flocon is the boss for October 2023. As such, you can benefit from a 15% discount on this pattern for the whole month of October 2023.

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