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Apply to be a test knitter

By the time my patterns reach testers they have already been knit (most of the time by me) and professionally tech-edited and revised, sometimes several times.

Even if I think tech-editing is critical to provide the most accurate, detailed and thoughtful patterns, this is not self-sufficient and test knits are as crucial in my opinion.

By joining one of my test, you’re joining my team and I’m very grateful for you to volunteer your craft time to help me refine my patterns before publication. As for any classic test knit, feedback is very much appreciated, especially on general clarity of the pattern, the fit of the finished item, and French translation hiccups that may have been overlooked.


Important Rules for my tests

  1. You need to be able to communicate in English. I’ll only host one test thread for each new pattern, merging English and French versions of the pattern because I don’t have the bandwidth to host two different ones at the moment. In order to have everyone understanding everything and allow anyone to register, we need to write our posts in English. Tests with patterns published only in one of the language will be hosted in this language only.
  2. You will get an beta version of the pattern and a deadline. The test deadline will be close to the release date of the pattern (think around two weeks prior to it). Please do you best to match the deadline and only sign-up for tests if you’re confident about meeting the deadline. If you are unable to complete the test, please let me know as soon as that becomes clear to you. Life happens and that’s okay, I only need to be kept in the loop because if that happens early in the test process, I might be able to enrol another tester.
  3. All tests are hosted on YarnPond and/or Discord. You’ll get both a PDF version of the pattern and a Google Doc version of the pattern which will be our working copy of the pattern. It’s a cloud-hosted file and you need to know how to comment a file to give me your feedback.
  4. Please do not share the pattern with anyone else. Sometimes a test knit needs to be super secret and neither I or you will be allowed to share pictures of WIPs or FOs before the pattern release day. This will always be clearly stated on the test call page and email. Otherwise, you’re very welcome to share what you’re working on with the world. If you do so, don’t forget to tag me as indicated in the presentation info.
  5. In order for the test to go smoothly both for you and me, I’ll need to track your progress along the way. Please let us know when you reach the stages described in the requirements section (specific for each test).
  6. Compensation:
    • Once all the stages described in the Mandatory section are done, you’ll be marked as “Finished”. You’ll get the pattern for free in your Ravelry library upon publication.
    • If you managed to also do the Optional stages, you’ll get a coupon code valid in my Ravelry store without expiration date for one extra free pattern.
    • If you’re not done by the test deadline date, but you’ve participated along the way, that’s fine. Then you’ll still get a copy of the pattern for your library, but no coupon code for another.
  7. If you have taken the test and not participated in the KAL along the way, do not finish by the deadline and do not post your project to the pattern page, well, that’s not really in the spirit so you will not be asked to participate again, your Slack account will be deactivated and will not have a copy of the pattern in your library.

How do I build a test team?

When I choose testers, I try to take several things into account:

  • Sufficient knitting experience to complete the project, without needing too much help from me or the other testers;
  • Completion record if you’ve already participated in tests (mine of orthers);
  • Aiming for yarns from a variety of different budget points and different from the one I used;
  • Welcoming back previous testers as frequently as possible while seeking new perspectives by choosing knitters new to my testing team.
My test calls are first sent to my dedicated email list (sign-up below) and my YarnPond tester pool, then to Instagram. I’ll start to pick testers 24h after the test call, to give everyone time to fill in the sign-up form and let you know if you’re picked or not as soon as possible. Once I have confirmed sufficient testers for a size, I’ll mark it full.

What about modifications?

Tests are here to ensure that the pattern is knittable. That no error still live in the pattern. I’m really opened to basic modifications (see below for examples), but if don’t like one of the key feature of a pattern, can you please wait until publication to buy the pattern and knit yourself a version that will really match your needs? As for anything else, if you have any questions about my tests, drop me a question from my contact page.

For socks, that can be the length of the cuff or the leg, the cast-on/bind-off methods etc. But I will need you to knit at least one pattern repeat on the leg and to not change the stitch numbers in order to check if toes and/or heel properly work as written. For garments, the modification range can be wider with bust darts, waist shaping, collar substitutions, etc.

What about pictures?

I do not require pictures for marketing purpose. If you do authorize me or not to use your pictures for marketing purposes (on social media, my creative diary, and my newsletter) is not taken into account while selecting testers to build a test team.

BUT, I’ll need you to send me pictures in our test chat thread to check the fit of the knitted object and get a general idea on what does the pattern look like in this yarn or colour in order to better help future knitters. That can totally be cropped, without faces or head. For privacy reasons, I’m not sharing pictures with my face on internet, so I definitively won’t be forcing you to do so!
Still, if you want to share your pictures with me, I’d be more than happy to share them on my platforms as I truly believe that patterns only come to life once knitting by (passionate) knitters. Quick note: I will ALWAYS blur/hide a child face even if you did not because I’m not personally comfortable sharing children faces on internet.

Sign up below to apply to the special test knit list so when I send out a call for testers, you’ll be the first to know!