By the time my patterns reach testers they have already been knit, written and professionally tech-edited and revised. So to call it a “test knit” does not reflect the reality, as the pattern is already pretty-much ready to go live. To be completely honest, I mostly use test-knitters in order to check the yardage and to get a few projects attached to my patterns when I release them on Ravelry.

As for any classic test knit, feedback is still very much appreciated, especially on general clarity of the pattern and French translation hiccups that may have been overlooked. But the deadline is more of a guideline than a true end-of-world-if-you-miss-it deadline.

Important Rules

  1. You need to be able to communicate in English. I’ll only host one test thread for each new pattern, merging English and French versions of the pattern. In order to have everyone understanding everything and allow anyone to register, we need to write our posts in English.
  2. You will get an beta version of the pattern and a deadline. Please do not share the pattern with anyone else. Sometimes a test knit needs to be super secret and neither I or you will be allowed to share pictures of WIPs or FOs before the pattern release day. Otherwise, you’re very welcome to share what you’re working on with the world. If you do so, don’t forget to tag me as indicated in the presentation post.
  3. The test deadline will be close to the release date of the pattern (think around two weeks prior to it).
    • If you have finished by then, great! You’ll get a copy of the pattern for your Rav library.
    • If you have participated in the KAL along the way, filled the end-of-test survey and linked your Ravelry project pages with GOOD pictures to the pattern page within 24 hrs of release, that’s awesome! You will get a coupon code for another free pattern from my store.
    • If you’re not done by the pattern release date, but you’ve participated along the way, not bad. Then you’ll still get a copy of the pattern for your library, but no coupon code for another.
    • If you have taken the test and not participated in the KAL along the way, do not finish by the deadline and do not post your project to the pattern page, well, that’s not really in the spirit so you will not be asked to participate again and will not have a copy of the pattern in your library.

Why do I need good FO pictures from you?

When a pattern is added in the Raverly database, it gets an extra-push from them and is featured at different places on the website. If a pattern has several projects linked to it when it makes its debut, it will increase its sales as other knitters will be able to confirm that following the pattern directions produce the intended finished object. It will also help them decide on their yarn choice as they will be able to see it knitted in different colourways and type of yarns, boosting their own creativity. Knitting or choosing a pattern should not give you headaches, that’s what I want to help knitters to choose the right pattern for them as much as I can. And that’s why I need good FO pictures from you.

By joining the test, you’re allowing me to use your pictures as marketing material. I’ll always credit you (and tag you in Instagram or Facebook if you’re allowing me) and may use your pictures on my blog, website, email newsletter and social medias.

Sign up below to apply to the special test knit list so when I send out a call for testers, you’ll be the first to know!

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