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Simple, easy-to-follow patterns 💫

All my patterns are professionally techedited, and then tested by enthusiasts. This allows me to offer you simple, easy-to-follow patterns so that you can enjoy your knitting time to the fullest.


techniques explained in video and photos 💡

I like to play with colors, lace, textures and shapes. I focus on original, yet easy-to-make patterns because I believe that any technique, no matter how complicated it may seem, can be used or learned if it’s properly explained, whatever your current knowledge. That’s why I particularly like to create tutorials to explain the different techniques I use when I knit.

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my creative journal 🧶🖋️

Where I share my creative adventures, my technical tips, my little tricks that make knitting easier, my tests and opinions on knitting products and also my favorite recipes.

I draw my inspiration from the natural world around us. I particularly enjoy interpreting motifs from flora and fauna through lace. My preference is for soft, warm colors and autumnal tones, which are always welcome on my needles.