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Bourbon (Cuff-down)


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Ce patron existe aussi en version par les orteils (toe-up) que tu peux retrouver en cliquant ici.This pattern also exists in a toe-up version, which you can find by clicking here.

The two versions are combined in the ebook Bourbon, recipe for all-inclusive stocking stitch socks available at the reduced price of €12!

Sock knitting is like an indulgent ice cream parlor; just as my preferred vanilla flavor occasionally entices me toward pistachio, chocolate, or mango, sock patterns offer a plethora of possibilities. With Bourbon, you’ll craft more than just standard socks; this pattern opens a world of creativity. Similar to selecting an ice cream flavor, you can mix and match a delightful array of components—cuffs, heels, and toes—to create your ideal sock combination!

The Bourbon pattern stands as a classic stockinette recipe, inviting you to explore numerous options:
Choose from five cuff variations, including rolled edge, picot edge, and assorted ribbings.
Explore two distinct heel designs: flap heel with two different motifs and the afterthought heel.
Experiment with three toe styles: double-sloped, rounded, or star toes.

With endless possibilities at your fingertips, take the lead in creating your dream pair by experimenting with a variety of cuffs, heels, and toes!