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Pine cones


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For me, summer is synonymous with vacations with my cousins at my grandparents’ house, where we loved to play in the “garden”, which might more accurately be described as a well-kept patch of forest dotted with ferns and pines. We spent hours there every day! The forest was not only a place to play, but also a fun way to help prepare meals: pine needles were used for éclades, and the day’s crop of pine cones was regularly inspected to remove the pine nuts and make homemade pesto. The thread I’ve used here was bought at a summer festival, just before I went on vacation to my grandparents’ house. I created this shawl as a nod to those memories. Knitted in fingering wool, it’s light enough to wear in any season, to carry a little sun and vacation around your neck all year round.

This shawl and its accompanying collar are worked sideways, from point to point. They feature two different brioche borders surrounding a body knitted in moss stitch, and are worked either with simple English ribbing (brioche) or with a more elaborate pinecone pattern. The location of the border is reversed at the tip. They were designed with fingering yarn, but can be easily adapted to any yarn size, as the instructions are written both specifically for fingering and using proportions relative to the total yardage of wool used.

Final measures

All dimensions are measured in centimetres and converted to the nearest eighth of an inch.


  • Length: 150 cm / 59″
  • Height: 46 cm / 18⅛”
  • Length at an angle: 80 cm / 31½”


  • Length: 62 cm / 24⅜ “
  • Neck height: 31 cm / 12¼”
  • Middle height: 46 cm / 18⅛”4



620 m / 678 yds of fingering wool (380 to 425 m per 100 g).

The model is very versatile, so you can use as many lengths of thread as you like, with any size of thread.

The prototype is knitted in (Vi)Laines Solitaires fing, col. Mimosa confetti (100% merino; 366 m per 100 g skein).


372 m / 407 yds of fingering wool (380 to 425 m per 100 g).


3.5 mm / US #4 – circular needles with a minimum length of 80 cm / 32″.

Select needle size to match sample.


Measure the sample after washing and drying.

Note: the brioche sample is for information only. Obtaining a sample corresponding to the one indicated for the moss stitch is sufficient to obtain a knitted fabric with the dimensions indicated.

All samples are knitted flat:

  • Foam stitch: 36 stitches x 50 rows = 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4″.
  • 1x 2 repeats of Pattern A: 24 stitches x 44 rows = 7.5 x 9.5 cm / 3 x 3¾”.

Other equipment

  • 1 hook 3.5 mm for temporary mounting.
  • 2 marker rings
  • A twisting needle or a progress marker to make the double reduction in brioche.
  • For the collar: 50 cm / 20″ of auxiliary wool for temporary assembly.
  • For the shawl: (Optional) 20 cm / 8″ of auxiliary wool for temporary assembly.
  • 1 tapestry needle