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Little details

For this first cardigan pattern, I chose a very simple base: a raglan with two slopes to adjust the yoke to all the sizes I wanted to offer (birth to 12 years for this first version, adult sizes later) and a sea of jersey.

As with all my favorite sweaters and cardigans, here it’s all about the little details: the folded collar for a snug fit, the tubular bind-off to keep the ribbing edge clean and elastic … and the little extra pocket(s) that can be embroidered.

For this first version, I stuck to the very classic: flowers and a bee. The stitches used remain very simple: the flowers combine only throw stitch and knot stitch, and the bee uses throw stitch and two chain stitches for the wings. I’ve done it in monochrome here, as I feel the color is already very present and would have “weighed down” the model considerably. But I’m already dreaming of a clear version with a multicolored pattern 😍

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While I’m waiting to put it on my needles (probably for me, in adult size so I can play with more colors), I still have the collar embroidery to do and all the finishing touches: sewing on the buttons, finishing the buttonhole, tucking in all the threads, and so on.

And to make a second version for the chick. This time, it will be in orange and without embroidery. I’ll add one more little detail but I’ll leave the suspense on the subject for now 🤫

Have you ever embroidered your knitwear? Do you have any advice for those who don’t dare take the plunge?

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