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It doesn’t sound like it because I’ve been talking about it for a long time now, but I’ve been upset with brioche for a long time. She sulked, I sulked, we even both sulked for a while.

I had resigned myself to the fact that brioche was just something I ate. But everything changed the day I realized these two things:

  1. Brioche is very similar to a sock heel. Both alternate between knitted and slipped stitches. And I loooooooove knitting sock heels.
  2. Brioche can be knitted in only one colour. And I think I prefer it that way. By a long way.

I have a rather strange relationship with brioche, and in particular two-tone brioche. It’s a bit like jacquard, in fact. I like it. A lot. But once I’ve finished my project, I usually don’t want to hear about it for several months! However, with solid brioche, I think I could knit it all year round. As proof of this, my Pommes de Pin cowl is making excellent progress.

Why the difference between two-tone and solid brioche? Maybe even solid or two-coloured project? I think the reason is simple: the practicality of it all and the simplicity of pulling the project out of your bag and starting straight away without having to untangle anything, without having to really think about what colour to knit, etc. Just get out the needles and knit.

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I’ve been looking for knitting challenges a lot, most of them technical, although the “time” challenges are not far behind because I’m always late (who finished their thesis or wedding shawl the day before and had to finish blow-drying them? Not me at all! ). But right now, I’m looking for an invitation to slow down in all its forms and to add more contemplation in my life, which fits in well with the simpler projects I’ve had on my needles for some time.

That’s what I find so interesting about the creative arts: they adapt to our needs and desires, so that we can always find what we’re looking for.

- Model: Pommes de Pin, shawl and collar in garter stitch with a brioche border
- Yarn: La Bien Aimee Merino Single (this color is no longer made in the meantime, Ayre or Nymeria are close enough to make the same effect I think).
- Ebook: Je brioche, all the basics of plain brioche
- Techniques / Tutorials: provisional cast-on, free mini-course on brioche

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