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I don’t have many baking tin in my cupboards because I like all-in-one ones. I think the ones I use the most are my glass baking tray (*), my cake tin (*) and my springform pan (*). I use them for cakes, bread, brioche, etc.

A bit like the interchangeable circular needles that can be used for knitting in the round, flat knitting, holding, temporary assembly, can be disassembled and reassembled as needed, and some have little holes for passing a life-line thread. Practical all-in-ones, aren’t they?

Except that … I don’t knit sleeves in magic loop. Socks yes, but not sleeves. I’ve tried, and the end result is projects that sit in my WIP closet for a long time (=years).

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Even though, theoretically, I’ll only need a full set of my favorite interchangeable circular needles (* ; another of their advantages, once you’ve got the tips, you only need to buy new cables to extend your number of needles), this isn’t actually the case and I need another plan for the sleeves.

So I also have a complete set of double-pointed needles for the sleeves of children’s sweaters and hats. And mini circulars (my favorites are Seeknit, which are technically mini-interchangeables, but since that’s all I use them for and so had to buy everything else, it counts, doesn’t it?) for adult sleeves…

To each his own, as long as it works, that’s all that matters, isn’t it? What are your favourite needles? Do you change needle type depending on what you’re knitting?

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