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The same, but not the same. My socks will be cousins, or sisters, or best buddies. After finishing the first, I didn’t feel like knitting the second in exactly the same way. This is what we do most of the time on “classic” pairs. But this trio of colors won my heart the moment I put the three little ones down together.

Reading while knitting?

It’s possible to read and knit. The sentence I never thought I’d write. I’ve changed my mind and now think it’s just as possible to do Knitflix as Tricolivre. If you’d like to try your hand at knitting, here are a few ideas to make things easier for you.

Passion talon

I think the reason I love knitting socks so much is because I have a passion for heels. Transforming a simple yarn into a finished piece, giving it shape through decreases or increases and volume with shortened rows is still as magical for me even after all these years. A bit like jumping from 1D to 3D in a few rows.


This pair of socks that was supposed to be all simple and no-fuss, all jersey and plain won’t be after all 😆 I had all the best intentions in the world when I started them. Except that I don’t think I have enough yarn to make the whole pair. This implies a change of strategy.


I always start thinking about my next project when I’m in the final days of a knit. This time, after my Vinterskog sweater, I wanted something fast and effective. So we’ll be wearing socks, or sockettes to be more precise!

Taking up commercial socks

Il y a quelques temps, j’ai voulu faire une petite expérience: repriser des chaussettes du commerce. Après tout, nous reprisons nos chaussettes tricotées alors pourquoi ne pas faire de même pour les chaussettes que nous achetons ? Elles aussi ont besoin qu’on prenne soin d’elles pour pouvoir durer pendant de nombreuses années ! Les miennes […]

Soaked to the Skin socks, free pattern

Clouds and drops go well together, don’t they? While they may not be your best friends when they’re in the sky (or falling on us), I’m pretty sure you’ll love wrapping them around your feet. I’ve called this pattern Soaked to the Skin and it’s available for free on the Knotions website.

Jolis Tricots {United socks}

One of the things I love most about my work as a designer is seeing YOU reinterpret my patterns. Here are a few examples to inspire you the next time you’re looking for a sock pattern.