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Test – Première Neige

These mittens have a very simple construction but are still very adaptable. I don’t like convertible mittens with a flap. I opted here for another technique: folding the fabric. This allows you to be warm by doubling the thickness of the wool around your fingers, but above all it allows you to have different lengths of mittens depending on the number of folds you make! And a little twist also allows you to convert them into mittens if you need to, especially to be able to have nice snowball fights (or to clear the snow from your car, less exciting but just as useful!) without losing your fingertips 😂🧤


The patterns includes three view :

  • View A, with a reversed stocking stitch flap, as shown in pictures above.
  • View B, with a stocking stitch flap
  • View C, with a ribbed flap

Test details

Start date : Jan 16th

Deadline: Feb 12th

Sizes: Child [Teen/Adult S, Adult M, Adult L] to fit hands around 15,75 [18; 19; 20,5] cm / 6,25 [7; 8; 9]” in circumference and around 13,5 [16; 19; 21,5] cm / 5,25 [6; 7,5; 8,5]” in length. Circumference is measured at the base of the fingers as demonstrated in the CYC Standard Body Measurements 12a.

Difficulty: Easy. You need to know how to knit in a round and how to pick-up stitches for the thumb

Sharing: This is not a secret test, you’re very welcome to share what you’re working on with the world. If you do so, don’t forget to tag me @tisserin_coquet and/or use the hashtags #tisserincoquet #premiereneigemitts 


  • Mandatory : pattern downloaded; for both hands: cuff, hand, thumb.
  • Optional (to get an extra free pattern): Ravelry project page created and linked to the pattern page using the test code, at least one picture added to the project page – see Rules for more details about compensation.

Yarn & Notions

Yarn weight & length:125 [150, 175, 200] m / 137 [164, 191, 219] yds of a combination of heavy lace/fingering + mohair yarns.

Worsted plied yarns can also match the gage but the fabric it creates is a bit too stiff to create a nice fabric to twist and turn to convert the mittens into mitts. If you want to try with heavier yarns, I recommend unspun/woolen spun yarns.

Sample yarns, yarns held together: Istex Einband (100% Icelandic Wool – 250 m / 273 yds & 50 g per ball) in col. 1038 & Filcolana Tilia (10% Mohair + 30 % Silk – 210 m / 230 yds & 25 g per ball) in col. 336.

Needles & Notions:

  • 1 set of 3.50 mm / US #4

  • 1 set of 4.00 mm / US #6

  • 3 stitch markers

  • Waste yarn to put thumb stitches on hold

  • 1 tapestry needle

Important Rules

  1. You need to be able to communicate in English. I’ll only host one test thread for each new pattern, merging English and French versions of the pattern. In order to have everyone understanding everything and allow anyone to register, we need to write our posts in English.
  2. You will get a beta version of the pattern and a deadline. Please do not share the pattern with anyone else. Sometimes a test knit needs to be super secret and neither I or you will be allowed to share pictures of WIPs or FOs before the pattern release day. Otherwise, you’re very welcome to share what you’re working on with the world. If you do so, don’t forget to tag me as indicated in the presentation opposite.
  3. The test deadline will be close to the release date of the pattern (think around two weeks prior to it).
  4. In order for the test to go smoothly both for you and me, I’ll need to track your progress along the way. Please let us know when you reach the stages described in the opposite requirements section.
  5. Compensation:
    • Once all the stages described in the Mandatory section are done, you’ll be marked as “Finished”.You’ll get the pattern for free in your Ravelry library upon publication.
    • If you managed to also do the Optional stages, you’ll get a coupon code valid in my Ravelry store without expiration date for one extra free pattern.
    • If you’re not done by the test deadline date, but you’ve participated along the way, that’s fine. Then you’ll still get a copy of the pattern for your library, but no coupon code for another.
  6. If you have taken the test and not participated in the KAL along the way, do not finish by the deadline and do not post your project to the pattern page, well, that’s not really in the spirit so you will not be asked to participate again,your Slack account will be deactivated and will not have a copy of the pattern in your library.

test sign-up

See above for any details about the test rules and the test details. If you agree with them, fill in the form below to apply to the test.

As for language, size and view, you can select multiple answers and I’ll assign one when I’ll build the test team.

For this test, I have spots for one tester per language, size, and view. Which means there is a lot (24!) of spots available 😊

I’ll start to enrol testers on Monday 16th January and edit the available sizes list accordingly.

feedback form

Thank you again for joining in the test. It would really help us if you could fill in the test feeback form below 😊

For all the scale questions: 1 = not satisfied at all; 2 = not satisfied; 3 = neutral; 4 = satisfied; 5 = very satisfied.