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The usefulness of removable tassels

The first time I put a beanie through the washing machine, I was somewhat disappointed, if not worse. Why? Simply because of the wet dog face of my beloved pompom, which in this case didn’t appreciate the grooming at all.

Since then, I haven’t washed my hats with the pompoms. I make removable pom-poms.


First of all, how to make a pompom

It’s a bit like the ABCs of DIY, but a little remin der never hurts.

The primary aim is to wrap the wool around a doughnut-shaped support (yum!), be it a piece of cardboard or a device specially designed for the purpose. Then “open” the pom-pom by cutting the strands, and tie the whole thing firmly with the wool to keep the strands tidy.

With the magic camera, it looks like this:

Creation of the removable pompom for the Ondine bonnet


Removable pompom: The lazy technique

Nothing could be simpler: just don’t cut the wires.

You make your own pom-pom, insert the threads to attach the pom-pom wherever you like, and tie a pretty knot inside the hat. Just tuck it into the wires, make a little rosette and you’re done! Next time you want to wash your bonnet, just undo the rosette and the bow, and off you go!

It works impeccably even if it does tend to unravel a little at times. You’ll need to retie the knots from time to time to make sure you don’t sow any tassels here and there!


Removable Pompon: The ultimate technique

The trick lies in a single word: pressure. It requires a little dexterity, but it’s easy to do!


Simply sew one half of a snap (rather the one with the bitoniau sticking out) to the pom-pom and the other to the top of the cap (or wherever you want to attach the pom-pom). Avoid tiny snaps, as you’ll find it harder to remove the pompom. And that’s all there is to it!


The method’s hidden advantage

As a result, all the pompoms can be shared between all your accessories, and above all, you can change the color of the pompom to suit your mood! Now that’s magic!

Wheel of possibilities for making a removable pompom (Bonnet Ondine)
(Instagram) It’s pompom time and I’m having the hardest time to choose a colour! #pompom #wintertime #anythoughtsanyone #igknitters #knitstagram #futuredesign #tisserincoquet


What’s your favorite technique for creating pompons? And to tie them? And to wash them? Tell me all about your pom-poms!


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