• A few years ago, I went to Granada (Spain) to spend a weekend with my then-boyfriend-now-husband who was working there. This town, the Alhambra palace, and its gardens are one of the most beautiful places I had the chance to see. 
    This pattern is called Hanging Gardens and it’s available now on Ravelry, the shop, and in Le Chat qui Tricote Winter Box.

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  • Writing a pattern is far from being the final stage before publishing it. Publishing a new pattern involves a crazy tons of work. Which I’m currently postponing to write this article, because you know, sometimes procrastination is the best thing in the whole world, am I right? Right now, I’m currently working through the final stages of publishing my newest knitting pattern, the Hanging Gardens Cowl. It should be live tomorrow so I’ll better get going and finish to write these blog posts and make these photo collages. I can’t wait to show you all about it!

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