The Good Phrasing

by Tisserin Coquet

Sometimes patterns are easy to write, and sometimes… Well… Not that much. I like it when a pattern is simple to read and follow. I do even think that it’s a main component of my work as a pattern designer. To write crystal clear and easy to follow patterns. Where everything is logic and match.

Trust me, that’s not always an easy thing to achieve, even if once you find the good phrasing, you wonder what took you so long in the first place!

Knitted and drafted more than a year ago, I’m currently working on properly writing the Hanging Gardens Cowl pattern. With its stripes of both stocking stitch and motifs, it’s kind of an all-in-one cowl. Depending on your day’s mood, you can choose to highlight either your knitting skills through the motif panels or the yarns you used with the stocking stitch panels.

Let’s be honest for a minute around here, my first draft of this pattern was everything but clear for someone else than myself. I knew it then, and only written it down on order to 1/ not forget what I’ve knitted and 2/ identify what’s giving such a hard time to put on paper. Nothing make my brain works more than writing things, It’s my go-to method to unlock things when I hit a rock. Once again, it worked.

What gave me such a hard time is the off-centred spine you can catch a glimpse of in the above picture. It took me days (maybe even weeks) to find the proper way to say it, in a clear, concise, precise way.

And I’m glad I succeeded!

The pattern which is currently in my testers hands (hi girls 😉) is much more clear and easy to follow than my first draft. I took me a lot of time to find the good phrasing but it was time very well spent. I really like this new pattern that I created in remembrance of one of a dear-to-my-heart trip from a few years ago. I can’t wait to introduce it to you 😊 In the meantime, it’s going to the bathroom to take a bath, and then to the blocking mat!


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