One of my goal for this year is to finish all of my personal and pro WIPs. With all the designs I published these past few years, I did not had or take the time to finish it and kept knitting samples instead. Which means, I have A LOT of WIPs started years ago. At least two sweaters, one pair of mittens, three shawls, all the socks from my upcoming book (7 pairs) and one otter toy. And that’s only knitting (because obviously, I also have spinning, quilting, and embroidery WIPs…)

Well, this ends now! At the end of the year, I want to be down to only two WIPs: one for Tisserin Coquet and one for personal one like our yearly sweaters. With one simple brainless easy-to-carry-along one, and a more complicated one. My goal is to work on the personal ones during the weekends and vacations, and on the Tisserin Coquet ones during the week.

Right now I’m working on my big colourwork cuddle sweater. I made it a bit longer than the size the pattern calls for. Because I would have a big warm winter sweater ending above my belly button 🙈 Now that I have the colourwork pattern, things are going really fast and I’m hopin to finish this one soon.


On the simple and easy WIP front, I’ve started the second sock of one of the pattern included my upcoming sock book. The pattern is written, the charts are graded, and I only have the instructions to have a finish pair of socks. See, I’m already getting better at this game!


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