First things first: my closet is A MESS right now! We’re currently rearranging things in the house and basically our whole house is a mess. But that did not stopped me from going through my clothes and sorting it between what I’ll keep and what needs to go. Some of them are rather new, some of the are lent to me, and some of them will need mending before being able to be worn.

I quickly realized that the first step in making and refurbishing my wardrobe will be to knit a few sweaters and/or cardigans to complete this dramatically empty spot in my closet. I did knit a few over the years but between those which felted (urf!) and those in which I don’t fit anymore, I don’t have enough to get through this winter. Sewing will have to wait because right now I do have enough clothes to get dressed (even if not everything fit together) before the temperatures become negatives.

Now I’m facing a big hard question: what to do about all the other ones? I know I’ll turn some of them into rags. Old tops or felted sweaters will do the trick. Some other ones will be unsewed and I hope to use the fabric again. But what about the other? They’re way too old to be donated. They’re faded, transparent, without any shape, or even with lots of holes in it because I did not have time or wish to mend them when they needed it. What would you do with these?

The undeniable advantage to create your clothes is that they can fit perfectly your needs and your life. There’s two shapes that fit mine right now: cardigans and cropped sweaters. To be honest, I’m playing with the idea of creating garments for quite a while now. And it feels right to start this long process right now and start to work on my first sweater and cardigan patterns.


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