Gathered Stitches: the ideal begining of knitted leaves

by Tisserin Coquet

In Estonian lace, you have nupps and you have gathered stitches. Both are cousin stitches in my opinion as they’re formed almost the same way. Gathered stitches makes an ideal base to start a knitted leaf or knitted flower as it tends to bloom.

Here you can see it clearly at the bottom of the three-arm leaves.

As the nupps, gathered stitches is one of my favourite lace stitch. Its rhythm and blooming effect gets me, every single time. And it’s a real treat to work with handdyed yarn! As it uses a lot of yarn, you might often have different shades of the colour in one single gathered stitch.

Knitting gathered stitches is not that hard. Here is a few tips to keep in mind while knitting gathered stitches:

  • Be careful to always catch all of the base stitches (3 base stitches in the video). It’s crucial to get a well defined gathered stitch. And don’t forget to end with a knit stitch, otherwise your loop count will be down by 2 (as the last yarn over will likely be lost).
  • Try to work stitches a little looser than usual. It will allow them to find their place easier and make a neater gathered stitch once the wrong row will be done.
  • Work all your stitches in the order they were created. Otherwise your gathered stitch will look really messy and you will not be able to see the blooming effect.

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