My Petite Moutaine Project Bag

by Tisserin Coquet

I’m a project bag addict. When Mélissa launched her project bag business back in December, at Tric’au Sud, I obviously had to have one! I’ve carried it around with me everywhere since then so I think it’s time for a proper Crash-Test, don’t you think?

These project bag are 100% handmade by Mélissa (go check out her “Atelier” stories!). From drawing the motifs to flocking them and sewing the bags, she does it all by herself.I bought the Sock Project Bag, designed as you guessed it to carry around a sock WIP. It is large enough to have one fingering yarn skein in it along with your project on the needles, your pattern, and some notions.


I’m currently not knitting socks (shocking, I know!) but I’m quite close to finish the beautiful shawl you can see on this pictures. It fits perfectly in the bag and allow me to bring it with me EVERYWHERE.



My opinion

To be honest, I did not wash it. I wanted to but I don’t have another project bag as small available to put my shawl WIP in it so it’ll have to wait until I finished it. I’ll publish an addendum with my thoughts on this once it’s done.

Other than that, I must say I’m really pleased with this project bag. The inner seams are French seams 💕 I did not notice it when I first bought it but I LOVE IT! Well done Mélissa, you rock! This way, your tapestry needle or your stitch markers won’t get caught in the seams and weaken it.The project bag have a flat bottom, allowing it to stay put while knitting, and is truly the perfect size to carry around a small project like a one-skein shawl, one-skein socks, or even a two-skein colourwork socks. Don’t expect to have enough room to get your big shawls or sweater in it thought. But Mélissa got you covered as she is also making large project bags 😉



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