Going Through The Final Stages

by Tisserin Coquet

Writing a pattern is far from being the final stage before publishing it. Publishing a new pattern involves a crazy tons of work. Which I’m currently postponing to write this article, because you know, sometimes procrastination is the best thing in the whole world, am I right?

When I publish a new pattern, I always go through the same steps and routine.

First and foremost, I envision the knitted item, usually drawing a basic sketch of it and brainstorming stitch patterns. Then comes all the maths and hard work. That’s where I make sure everything will fit, grade the pattern, make all the calculations, create the charts, etc.

Then, when a first complete draft of the pattern is written, I can move on to the knitting. Which, let’s be honest is the fun and easy part of the job, but often times also one of the longest one. Especially when there’s some corrections to do.

Going through all the steps of publishing a new pattern.

Bind-off is done. Now it needs a good blocking, then it will be time to take all the pretty pictures.

After that, it’s basically admin-only tasks left to do: perfecting the draft, sending it to my tech-editor, correcting it from his edits, integrating it into the final layout, moving it to the test phase, correcting it from the testers edits, taking pictures of the sample, editing the pictures, writing and creating all the marketing material (as in launch blog posts and email, announcing it on all the social media and Ravelry threads, etc.). This is not my favourite part of the job but it’s the most crucial one in my opinion. And then you have the most rewarding outcome of all: seeing you enjoying knitting something you’ll treasure over the years through my patterns.

Right now, I’m currently working through the final stages of publishing my newest knitting pattern, the Hanging Gardens Cowl. It should be live tomorrow so I’ll better get going and finish to write these blog posts and make these photo collages. I can’t wait to show you all about it!

By the way, don’t forget to become a member of the Tisserin Brood if you’re not one already if you want a chance to get this pattern for free! Each time I self-publish a pattern, one of the Tisserin Brood member is randomly draw and is given the new pattern. It might well be you!


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