Choosing my wardrobe colour and style palette

by Tisserin Coquet

As soon as I decided to start my handmade capsule wardrobe experiment, I knew I needed to get clear on what I want to sew/knit before diving right into it. So I needed to create a Pinterest board.

I’m a visual type kind of girl. I can’t see how things will turn out if I don’t SEE it. I need to write and plan everything. Sometimes it’s a bit exhausting, and sometimes it’s very useful. Like it turned out to be in this case.

I would have bet my life that I was going to go crazy on colours. And that colourful top+jeans would be the main category of my upcoming wardrobe. Well, I could not have been more wrong!

Some things were predictable: I love huge and comfy sweaters and cardigans, jeans, and ankle boots. But I apparently happen to be craving for neutrals warm plain colours with a hint of blue. And simple clothes comfy clothes, like jersey tops/skirts/dresses. I would not have predicted that!

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

One of the big question to ask yourself while planning a capsule wardrobe is to know if it will fit your life and work styles and requirements. In my case, that’s pretty easy as they’re highly entangled.

I live in the centre east of France, close to the mountains. Which means we have cold winters with snow almost every year, and hot and humid summers. Spending almost all my days behind a computer, I need clothes which will keep me extra warm in the deep of the winter and really light and breathable in the summer. Skirts and dresses are perfect for either! Moreover, the same pattern can be used for all seasons, only switching fabrics to accommodate the change of temperatures.

I’m really eager to start to make new things to start building my wardrobe but the first step will be assessing what I already have, what needs to go, and what will stay on my shelves.


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