False Start

by Tisserin Coquet

This should have been a glorious shawl. Unfortunately, it won’t. Or at least, not as planned when I spun the yarn.

I tried different things. My first idea was a huge big garter stitch shawl. But it was the Indie Gift-A-Long so I decided to support my fellow designers and settle on the Ruby on Rails shawl by Christelle Nihoul. It’s a pretty shawl, with lots of stockinette stitch, an interesting construction, and some mesh. I fell for this one more than two years ago but I did not find the perfect for it yet. So I tried it with my handspun.

Meh. I’m not convinced. The colour changes is too dramatic. I’m not feeling it so I frogged it and tried again, alternating colours every two rows (the first two knitted with the outside end, the subsequent two knitted with the inside end).

Still not feeling it.

I frogged again. And changed pattern. I was browsing the huge GAL bundle of patterns and stumbled upon the Whitewater Wrap by Amy van de Laar. With its long rows of either lace or garter, I was convinced it would be perfect.

Well, you guessed it, I frogged it again. The patterns themselves are really well written, clever, and will make gorgeous shawls. Only it won’t be with this yarn.

My current plan it to weave this yarn into a large stole (something around 40 to 50 cm width and as long as I can). I did not use my loom in quite a while but I really want to get back to it this year. I’m currently debating with myself on a weave pattern. The chain will definitively be in white or off-white. For the weft, I’m not quite sure though. I’m thinking of using a pattern from my favourite book The Weaver’s Idea Book: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom by Jane Patrick (*) and alternate every two rows with a mohair (or mohair-like) yarn. We will have to wait to see how it turns out until I have time to build a warping board!

Calling all more experienced weavers than I am here, what do you think of this plan? Any tips for weaving with handspun yarns?

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