Eyeblink shawl

by Tisserin Coquet

Back in December, I wanted a simple no-brain one-skein knit. And for once, not a sock. While browsing Ravelry, I found the Eyeblink shawl pattern by Heidi Alander. Lots of stocking stitch, a simple increase rate to create the crescent shape, and a nice small lace repeat. Sounds lovely, isn’t it?


The yarn

And a perfect match for my Walk Collection Delicate Silk. I had the yarn in my stash for ages (=February 2015) as I originally purchased it through a kit to knit the In a Word shawl by Veera Välimäki. I still love the pattern and the yarns in my kit, but not together. When I tried to knit them, I found that it wasn’t a good match. The light colour of my kit is not that light and it makes the pattern look quite « sad ». I reskeined everything, stored it in my stash, and forget all about it for a while.

Until I decided it was about time to knit it!


My mods

Even if I really like the stocking stitch/lace ratio from the designer sample, I did not want to knit that much lace. I almost knitted during our holidays trip to our families and I needed something simple. Luckily for me, the shawl pattern is really versatile, both on the size and lace/stocking stitch sides. I added the equivalent of a lace repeat (12 rows) in stocking stitch before starting the lace border, and only knitted the lace chart twice (instead of 3) before starting the final border chart.

It turned out quite big at the end but really light and delicate and I think it will be a perfect Spring shawl. Now I’m really excited and eager to see the days warming up a bit to allow me to wear it outside of the house! 🌱


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