Tisserin Coquet 5th anniversary

by Tisserin Coquet

Today is Tisserin Coquet 5th birthday and I’d like to thank you all for your support and love during this amazing journey.

Special thanks to TrIScote who was the first to believe in my designing abilities, Le Chat Qui Tricote for your friendship and being so easy to work with, James Bartley for catching my errors, Knotions for offering me my first third-partie publish gig, all of my testers for knitting on a tight schedule sometimes, all of my patrons for your love and support the past year, and obviously all of the knitters, because you’re amazing!

I invite you to celebrate this birthday with me as I’m offering you 50% more Plumes this month only if you sign up on Patreon. Plumes can be used in my shop to purchase pattern or markers.

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