This Dotted Rays one has been literally years in the making. Looking at its colour scheme, one could have guessed that I started it once I was set on a colour scheme for my capsule wardrobe. But I actually started it back in February 2015!

For a long time, I struggled to balance work/life knitting projects. I had a hard time envisioning myself knitting something only to myself. At the beginning of the year, I implemented a strict rule: evenings and weekends are for personal projects while days are for work projects. Like everyone else, I need to unplug sometimes and knitting as always been my way to set back and look at the day (or the week) from afar and unplug.

Knitting my own patterns did not allow me to do that as much as I wanted. Yes, obviously, I do enjoy knitting my own work. But when you need to check or note everything you’re doing, it does not help to feel and enjoy the flow of it.

So, in January, I decided to finish all the personal WIPs I had on my needles. Or to frog them if I no longer like them. This Dotted Rays and its warm sunny colours made the cut. It was so meant to be, am I right?

I used five different colours of Bart and Francis Silk’s & Wool’s that Christine from TrIScote gave me when I helped her on her stand at l’Aiguille en Fête back in 2015: off-white, 15 yellow, 17 orange, 08 saffron, and 18 salmon. The yarn is a mix of wool and silk as its name tells you: 45% morus silk, 15% shantung silk, 35% Australian wool, 5% fine merino. Even if it might look like a light fingering, don’t get fooled, with 350 metres for 50g, it’s closer to a lace weight than to a fingering one.

I popped them right away on my needles, started to work my way through the sections, and then let it stay for years on my WIP shelf. When I decided to finish it, I only had four and a half sections to go to finish the large size. Which means, the small size was almost already finished!

The Dotted Rays pattern is created by Stephen West. Even if I’m not a huge fan of all his later work, he created some amazing patterns I want to knit one day. One of the great thing with this pattern is its repeatability. Each section is constructed as the previous one and you can totally unplug your brain and knit away for hours without having to check your pattern once you understand its construction. Which is a good thing as the pattern originally had a mistake that was corrected a few months ago.

I really enjoyed knitting this shawl and the result is even better than I envisioned it would be. It’s a HUGE warm light comfy sunny shawl which would fit perfectly in my handmade wardrobe. Love, love, love it!


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